“The God of glory thunders…”

Who would know that our little last-minute visit to Summerfest (“the world’s largest music festival” in Milwaukee would turn out this way? With a 30% chance of rain forecast, we got more than 100% worth of water and some good Gospel music while waiting out the storm.

Arriving at about 5 pm, on the last day, we were fortunate enough to get free tickets from somebody at the gate. On the way in, we saw what looked like a little storm cell off to the west, and figured that would pass over quickly. $5 parking only 7 blocks away sweetened the deal. So all that cash went to a good mix of bratwurst, hot dogs, Thai food, fish-n-chips, pizza, soda, ice cream, and wine.

With little time to start looking around for music, we heard one up-and-coming rock band, then the rain started! Then stopped. Then the rain started in earnest. Fortunately, the nearest roof was on the Potawatami stage, where loud Gospel music by “the Mt. Olive choir” was in full swing, about 20 well-disciplined singers, bass, drums, pseudo-piano, guitar, and a real Hammond B3 with Leslie. And it was loud, louder than the rock band we’d heard previously. And it was church, of course, in the black Gospel tradition. “Can you feeeeel the Hoooooly Ghost?” And the rain, and the wind, which whipped up and blew water in on us and the stage, even though we were on the downwind side of the pavilion?


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