Relaxing (but engaging) music

Music that focuses on relaxation without sounding like Muzak? MDR Klassik has it right in their Musik zum Träumen (i.e., Music to Dream By) slot from 10pm-12am German time – which also ends up in a nice time in my workday that can use that kind of mood (3-5 pm US Central time). Adagios galore, and a new age piano piece or two thrown in, with no announcements. The slow movement from Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto, those tender movements from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne featuring flute and harp, unfamilar adagio movements from symphonies… on and on, without even having to strain your brain to make out the German announcements. The excerpts from Wagner’s Parsifal might grow to full orchestra and shock one out of one’s twilight meditations, but on the whole it fits the mood –  I mean, not every single moment can be meditative, what the hey…

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