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German radio network makes recording software available!

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

WDR, Cologne, Germany, makes available a piece of software that will capture any of their programs to an mp3 file for later listening or downloading to your mobile music gizmo. The link is here.

I’m a loyal follower of several German radio networks primarily for their church music programs, capturing them automatically with a variety of geeky methods. There are also various commercial programs available that serve as kind of a “timed recorder” for Internet radio streams. However, this is the first broadcaster I’ve seen that actually provides something like this for its own programming, actually permitting you to download any program to your hard drive.

The next best thing is the BBC’s “Listen on Demand” service which keeps most programs available for a full week after broadcast, but it doesn’t save them to your drive. WDR is to be commended for trying this!